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According to Forbes experts 7milowy needed only 2 years to increase its value by 66.57%.


SAP project for eSmoking World brand rewarded in SAP Quality Awards competition for the CEE.

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Case studies

Zakłady Maszynowe Hamech: Real...
Zakłady Maszynowe Hamech: Real costs of production in SAP

With SAP Business One, Hamech obtained a reproduction of all key business processes in one integrated system. However, the most important from...

eSmoking World: SAP Business One...
eSmoking World: SAP Business One in a nationwide commercial network

In 2013 Chic Group, the owner of the retail network eSmoking World significantly improved its business results. The main area of ​​the company’s...

PDB: SAP Business One as a foundation...
PDB: SAP Business One as a foundation for the B2B platform

The construction industry – as a barometer of the economy – is particularly sensitive to the slightest fluctuations in the economic situation....

Belbal: SAP SPRINT ERP implementation
Belbal: SAP SPRINT ERP implementation

Dynamic development and a long-term strategy aiming at further expansion are the main drivers for implementing an integrated management system...


SAP solutions

SAP BI (SAP Business Intelligence) is a set of solutions for identification, integration and analysis of business data from various sources including different IT systems.

SAP Business All-in-One (SPRINT solution) is a set of complex, integrated ERP-class solution prepared by 7milowy to meet the needs of medium enterprises.

SAP Business One is a solution designed with regard to specific needs of small enterprises. See how it supports the business!



The Standard Audit File: adapt your SAP Business One system to new regulations
By December 2016, small companies must adapt their IT systems to enable tax and accounting data to be generated in the form of SAF (Standard Audit File)....