eSmoking World wins the European SAP Quality Award 2014

eSmoking World wins the European SAP Quality Award 2014

The Chic Group, a leader of the European e-cigarette market and an owner of the eSmoking WORLD network, has been recognized in the fifth edition of the international competition SAP Quality Awards for the Central and Eastern Europe region. The SAP Business One implementation project carried out by 7milowy has been rewarded in the "Rapid Delivery" category.

The Chic Group owns Europe's largest chain of stores and specialized retail outlets eSmoking World, including over 1,100 retail outlets and an international e-commerce service center, which fulfils orders online to more than 24 countries around the world. The Group comprises also one of Europe's most modern plants producing nicotine liquid for e-cigarettes, and its own research laboratory. In Poland alone, eSmoking World products are available in over 27,000 retail outlets selling goods to more than 1.5 million users of e-cigarettes across the whole country.

"For half a year, we have been using the integrated management system by SAP. It allows us to react immediately to changes in the levels of sales, to control the circulation of goods and inventory levels, to plan new sales promotions. With SAP, we have improved the majority of business processes, which resulted in savings in the business operation costs, among other benefits," says Hubert Urban, Chic Group Management Board member. In his opinion, the SAP Quality Award has been earned by the whole team implementing the system. "I would like to express my appreciation to our partner, 7milowy, a company that is an author of the implementation and our success," says Hubert Urban.  

eSmoking World has been recognized in the "Rapid Delivery" category, which includes projects covering less than 500 users and lasting not more than 1,000 man-days. A international judging panel selects the winners on the basis of strictly defined criteria, such as the quality of implementation, the methodology applied, the comprehensiveness of support from partners, the innovativeness of implemented solutions and the transparency of communication channels. According to the verdict of the judging panel, the decisive factors for recognizing Chic with the award were: 

  • results of the project: a successful integration of the ERP system with POS and the e-commerce platform and building custom functionalities of a packing plant in SAP Business One,
  • the quality of the implementation: the use of a pre-implementation analysis and the ASAP methodology, 
  • business benefits: improving the efficiency of processes, increasing employee productivity, improvements in the logistics area,
  • the project challenge: a dynamic growth of the company during the implementation.

The award-winning project has been carried out by 7milowy, a leader of SAP implementations in the SME sector in Poland. The main objective of the project was to optimize business processes with a special focus on the computerization of retail sales. The work included a pre-implementation analysis, implementation of ERP and POS systems in retail outlets, integration of both systems, delivery of licenses, training and support for the customer after the go-live. 

The main challenge for the authors of the project was the rapid development of eSmoking World. During the implementation process, the company doubled the number of SAP system users and the number of sales outlets located throughout the country that needed to be covered by the POS system implementation. 

 "The project was demanding from the very beginning. It was not a classical implementation of the ERP system, but a full computerization of the company's business. In addition, the scale of the project dramatically increased in relation to the original assumptions. As a result, we had to actively respond to changes, for example to verify scopes and deadlines of individual stages. I perceive the SAP Quality Award for the project in Chic as an appreciation for the expertise of 7milowy consultants and confirmation of our competence in the area of project management,” comments Michał Lorenz, Project Manager at 7 milowy, responsible for the award-winning implementation. 

SAP Quality Award 2014 is a competition rewarding companies that have demonstrated the best approach to carrying out implementation projects. All SAP customers from Central and Eastern Europe whose projects were implemented in 2013 and 2014 were allowed to take part in that competition. In the fifth edition of the competition, awards were granted in five categories: cloud, mobility and HANA platform innovations as well as the shortest time of implementation and the greatest business benefits. 

Awards will be presented to winners of the fifth edition of the competition on February 26, 2015 in Prague at an official ceremony of SAP Quality Awards 2014.

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