SAP system is the biggest integrated IT system supporting company management which has been available on the market for the longest time. It is the ERP-class IT system (Enterprise Resource Planning).

SAP is the IT system which is most frequently chosen by companies in many countries including Poland. It is used by over 12 million users and the average number of companies working in that system has exceeded 100.000. In Poland there are over 1800 companies working in SAP and according the latest IDC report from 2010, SAP has got the biggest market share of businesses software in Poland – 39, 9%.

Due to the richness of functionality, SAP system grows along with the company and will never become a barrier in its development. Among many customers of SAP there can be found companies which employ a dozen or so employees or companies with tens of thousands of workers. SAP is used by companies of all trades and different business models. It means that increasing the scale of company's activities or changing its profile will not result in having to invest in the new IT system.

The choice of SAP system means not only implementation of an integrated IT system but also possibility to use IT solutions optimizing outward communication and cooperation with company's environment. Such solutions are SAP CRM (customer relationship management), SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management), or SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management).

The offer of 7milowy includes two ERP systems of SAP Company