Integration with ecommerce platforms

The data exchange between the ERP system and an e-store for companies that specialize in online sales is a business necessity. The integration of solutions enables faster order fulfillment, checking the availability of goods or elimination of most of errors and delays. SAP Business One is an ERP system that can be quickly and efficiently integrated with commercially available e-commerce platforms. As part of implementation services, 7milowy delivers also integration projects.

Main benefits of solution integration:

  • automation of business processes (export of goods data from the system to the software of a store; import of data on new contracting parties saved through an online store to the ERP system; import of orders placed by contracting parties in the online store to SAP Business One)
  • checking the financial status of the company (e.g. overdue payments)
  • updating inventory balances in real time
  • ncrease in the productivity of employees (by eliminating repetitive actions such as multiple entry of the same data)
  • improvement of customer service (reduction of complaints, faster order fulfillment).

7milowy uses software by Orbis Software - TaskCentre for work. The integration platform ensures fast and correct data exchange between SAP Business One and an online store.