Pre-implementation analysis

Apart from implementations of IT management support systems, 7milowy offers its customers consulting services aimed at improving profitability of their businesses. For companies which have to choose the right ERP system we offer the service of business analysis.

The main goal of business analysis is to maximize the benefits resulting from the realization of a planned IT project. Irrespectively of actions a company is planning to take (choosing the right solution, solution development or determining the range and level of an ERP system), business analysis helps a company to take the right decision, evaluate profitability, compare costs and benefits of an undertaking.

A properly made analysis makes it possible to define sources of problems in company's activities to date, determine goals to be achieved, as well as methods and measures of their realization. In this way, a company receives information about which areas of its activity need in-depth changes, and which ones require only minor corrections. On this basis, 7milowy consultants advise on the choice of optimal tools and reorganization of business processes helping to improve company's functioning.

We provide professional consulting support. Our consultants will meet you in order to find out the strategy of your company, its needs, organizational structure and business processes. As a result, a report including a list of goals, tools and methods of realization is created.