Business benefits

Because of the cost and time of implementation, SAP system for a long time was only within reach of large companies and international concerns. Thanks to SAP Business All-in-One solution, now also medium-size companies can make the most of the rich functionality of SAP system.

In Poland the only certified SAP Business All-in-One solution is SPRINT ERP. It is the first and only solution from Poland which found itself on the list of global SAP solutions – SAP Eco-Hub.

SAP SPRINT ERP is also part of a broader context of SAP RDS solutions, i.e. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions - SAP Business All-in-One solutions promoted by SAP Poland which can be quickly implemented for an agreed price. Such an approach is supposed to make SAP solutions available also for the SME companies which, because of their quick development, need the best ERP systems.

Saving time and money

Saving time and money is a key argument for choosing SPRINT solutions. We managed to implement SPRINT ERP in its standard range of functionality even within three months, thus proving that SAP system does not require implementation which lasts years. It even turns out that SPRINT ERP in many cases is implemented more quickly and efficiently than many Polish systems of ERP class. We all know that shorter time of system implementation means significant savings in your project budget.

Use the experience of others

SPRINT ERP system was designed on the basis of experience and unique business knowledge, the so called “best practices” (good business practices). They are the essence of correct behaviors and proven activities in the scope of company management. Good business practices stored in the system are ready-to-use configuration elements which can be adapted to different trades. These elements make it possible to use the positive business experience of other companies.

No blank page

We never sit to a blank page and start designing a system from scratch. While developing SPRINT ERP, 7milowy relied on real examples of business processes in companies, e.g. sales order registration processing, production order processing or posting a purchase invoice for office supplies. Since SPRINT ERP system is a collection of business processes found in big companies leading in various trades, a medium-size company has got the chance to function as efficiently as large companies and achieve similar results.

Business knowledge transfer

By offering IT systems to medium companies, 7milowy focuses on possibly most extensive transfer of the knowledge about dealing with company business processes. Thanks to this, the system can support a company in its daily functioning as good as possible. SPRINT ERP does not focus on making users familiar with technical knowledge – it rather tries to train them in using the system. SPRINT ERP assumes that software developers of 7milowy are responsible for meeting expectations of medium companies, including them in the configuration area, as well as testing system running and efficiency. Thus, with their minimal engagement, customers of 7milowy receive a ready-to-run management support system.

Employees' engagement

An important aspect of SPRINT ERP is the fact that it significantly reduces time devoted by customer's employees to the realization of a project. The implementation of SPRINT ERP does not require a customer to build large project teams. Such an approach is of great value especially in smaller enterprises which cannot afford delegating their staff to system preparation for too long.


A system works well to the extent that its operators are able to use it. In order to guarantee good knowledge about capabilities of a system we pay great attention to trainings. A good deal of tests, module and inter-module trainings enhance the level of security and certainty that SPRINT ERP solution really supports customers in their day-to-day work.


Making the most of SPRINT ERP requires time and practice. We know that in the first period after system implementation many questions appear, therefore, after the completion of works we offer our customers additional 8 weeks of support and help in closing the first two accounting periods in the system. Such support as a complement of trainings enhances the security of fast system start-up and allows a smooth shift to working with a new tool.