General information

SAP SPRINT ERP is a verified SAP Business All-in-One solution that supports polish medium-sized companies.

SAP Business All-in-One is a set of complex, integrated ERP-class solution prepared by SAP partner companies to meet the needs of medium enterprises. They support development of companies and are capable of extending their functionality by ERP software – new functions can be added at any time in order to scale the solution in response to the changing needs of a company.

SPRINT ERP has been offered to medium companies for over 10 years. It comprises key SAP functions, implementation methods proven in medium companies, as well as organizational and IT tools supporting implementation processes.

SPRINT ERP was prepared in response to real needs of companies from the SME sector. It is based on the best business practices included in SAP system which were adapted by us to business reality of medium companies on the basis of its implementation experience. The advantage of SPRINT over other ERP systems is a significantly shorter time of system implementation. It is because SPRINT was designed in order to reduce customers' engagement in a project to minimum. All SPRINT projects are of fix-scope and fix-price character – the scope of an implemented system and its price are known at the moment of signing an agreement.

SPRINT ERP is a cross-industry solution, i.e. addressed to different trades, which is officially confirmed by the SAP AG certification. The system can be adapted and developed for different trades and their changing business needs.

This is a unique offer on the Polish market – We are the only company in Poland which offers a certified SAP Business All-in-One solution. You are welcome to contact us.