SPRINT ERP certification

SPRINT ERP offered by 7milowy is the first and only certified SAP Business All-in-One solution for companies from the SME sector.

In 2011, in 7milowy technical specialist and business experts from SAP AG made an audit of SAP SPRINT ERP solution. The point of the audit was to examine the architecture of the solution with respect of its compatibility with SAP ERP 6.0. The SAP business specialists verified the range and complexity of processes and their compliance with SAP guidelines in relation to the SME sector.

For SPRINT ERP it was the second certification in its history. The first one took place right after its development and implementation in 2001. After conducting a detailed audit, the representatives of SAP Poland officially confirmed the compatibility of the tool both in systemic and methodological aspects. It was the first and so far the only SAP solution certified in Poland. Since that time SPRINT ERP has undergone big technological modifications. It has been regularly adapted to successive versions of SAP system (including ECC 6.0) and improved.

Certification range

During certification, the auditors of SAP AG carefully examined manuals, descriptions of business processes, scenarios for users, and even marketing and sales materials. The objective of such a thorough examination of the documentation was to check whether on every stage of cooperation with the partner a customer is provided with precise and understandable information.

Companies from the SME sector, when choosing an ERP system pay great attention to how a project will proceed, how much time will have to be devoted to it and what resources will be engaged. Because of this, SPRINT ERP solution was thoroughly scrutinized with respect to implementation methods and practices aiming at a quick system start-up as well as minimization of customer's amount of work. Such an approach to implementation requires consultants to be highly competent in the system as well as have good knowledge of customer's trade. More than in traditional implementation projects they are the architects of the business aspect of the solution.

The evaluation of consultants' implementation and service competence was also the subject of SAP experts’ verification. The basis for the audit was also lowering the costs of SAP implementation and exploitation. Therefore, one of the aspects of the certification was to verify the partner's approach to estimating costs of implementation and the purchase of the solution. It is worth mentioning that all SPRINT projects are of fix-scope and fix-price character, which means that the scope of the implemented system and the total cost of the project are familiar to the customer at the moment of signing an agreement.

SAP SPRINT ERP solution offered by 7milowy was positively evaluated by SAP AG auditors.

The certification confirms that SPRINT ERP is a complex SAP Business All-in-One system which was adapted to the expectations and financial ability of dynamically developing Polish companies.